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¡Manténgase Actualizado Sobre Dónde Se Promociona School Bell Blog!

The Next Frontier For Community Outreach

School Bell Blog was featured in an article as an example about the need for resources that cater to the needs of first-generation, low-income, and immigrant families for college access and readiness. Thank you to the Praxis Blog at the University of Texas at Austin for this opportunity!

How School Bell Blog Is Helping Generation Z Pursue their Professional Aspirations

Our founder, Rashel Chipi, wrote an article about her journey in starting School Bell Blog and the future plans for this website. Thank you to the Zenerations blog for this opportunity!

The School Bell Blog, a Students’ Resource for College Preparation

Thank you to the Miami local Go! Latinos Magazine for featuring School Bell Blog in an article!

School Bell Blog, un Recurso que Prepara Estudiantes para la Universidad

¡Gracias a la Go! Latinos Magazine por presentar School Bell Blog en un artículo!

“Ser Cultos Para Ser Libres”

José Martí