How To Research The Best College For You

Researching colleges can be a long and complex process. There's a pressure to make decisions about where to live for the next four years and what major to study, all while avoiding college debt. Finding the right college for a student depends on much more than what the student wants to study. There are many … Continue reading How To Research The Best College For You

Why School Counselors Matter

Counselors are often responsible for hundreds if not thousands of students within a high school and, as a result, interact very little with each individual student. By default, this leads students to detached mentor relationships, little guidance, and less time to be informed of opportunities. The lack of outreach to students has less to do … Continue reading Why School Counselors Matter

What Living In Princeton University Taught Me

This summer, I attended the LEDA Summer Institute at Princeton University. For seven weeks, I interacted with amazing fellow scholars, college students, professors, writers, admissions officers, and executives from diverse backgrounds. Our conversations gave me important insight that changed my approach to college applications and my ideas of what college will be like. The following … Continue reading What Living In Princeton University Taught Me

Words That Mean Money

Throughout high school, the college application process, and life in general, you'll need to know words that mean money. It's important to understand terms that colleges use to describe how students pay money and how colleges pay students money. The School Bell Blog has compiled a list of basic terms that mean money. Hopefully, students … Continue reading Words That Mean Money