Using A Planner

Students may be asking themselves how they're supposed to keep up with classes, extracurriculars, clubs, church, family, a job, college applications, and teenage fun. While it may seem unattainable to keep up with all these different commitments, planning can be the best way to slowly accomplish all the goals one has. As more and more … Continue reading Using A Planner

Excused Absences In MDCPS

Many students and parents are not aware of all the cases in which an excused absence is allowed if they attend school within Miami-Dade County. Below, we have summarized all the reasons provided directly by the county. Please visit the official Attendance Policy for Miami-Dade Count Public Schools for more information. Excused Absences Student Illness: … Continue reading Excused Absences In MDCPS

Words that will Never Confuse you Again

The American education system can be confusing for students who have no guidance or place to inform themselves. For this reason, the School Bell Blog created this post will define all the different levels of education in the United States, important terms used in the college application process, and a few terms to know while … Continue reading Words that will Never Confuse you Again

Choosing High School Courses: What You Really Need to Think About

High school offers various courses which are all under different categories. To read more about these different categories, visit our previous post. There's several reasons why deciding which classes to take, in high school, can be complicated. The first reason that we covered is students do not know about all the different types of classes … Continue reading Choosing High School Courses: What You Really Need to Think About