Excused Absences In MDCPS

Many students and parents are not aware of all the cases in which an excused absence is allowed if they attend school within Miami-Dade County. Below, we have summarized all the reasons provided directly by the county. Please visit the official Attendance Policy for Miami-Dade Count Public Schools for more information.

Excused Absences

  • Student Illness: Once students miss five or more consecutive school days because illness, they must bring a note from their health care provider, excusing these absences.
  • Medical Appointment: Students must bring a note excusing them from an absence due to a medial appointment.
  • Death In Family
  • Religious Holiday/Service
  • School-Sponsored Event: The student must receive written permission in advance either from the school or from their principal.
  • Mandatory Court Appearance
  • Outdoor Suspension
  • Principal Approved: Any other reason for an absence may be excused upon discretion by the principal.

Unexcused Absences

  • Vacations
  • Personal Services
  • Non-School Sponsored Event
  • Older Students Providing Child Care For Siblings
  • Illness of Others
  • Noncompliance to Immunizations Requirements

**The Attendance Review Committee is expected to give consideration to all extenuating circumstances surrounding student absences and to support them through prolonged absences.

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*The information for this post was taken directly from the official Miami-Dade County Public Schools Attendance Policy. The School Bell Blog is not associated with any of the programs mentioned. This blog serves as a resource of information that may or may not apply to the readers and it is up to each individual reader to verify the information on their own. For verification on what opportunities are available to you and for formal help, please see your school counselors. The School Bell Blog encourages everyone to do their own research before taking the information stated here as fact. Thank you.

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